1 Sep 2014

September 1, 2014

    Only 3 months to go before we are back at it.

    Cloudy over the Pemberton Valley Friday afternoon, isolated rain showers! August 29, 2014.

    Horstman Glacier Saturday morning, more precipitation in the mountains than the valley.

    Satellite image from the same time frame as above photo, unsettled conditions on the way.

    Sailing on Alta lake Saturday, not much rain, 1.3 mm measured at Nesters on Saturday.

    Early Sunday morning, August 31, 2014. Looking unsettled again, where is the rain?

Weather observations for September 1, 2014; taken at 07:00 Hrs.

2180 meters        +2, Winds were 20-30 KPH from the S
1835 meters        +4, Winds were 10-25 KPH from the S
1550 meters        No Data
  660 meters      +11, Valley Temperature, Max Temp yest +17.6,  trace of precip yesterday

For the forecast, today we can expect unsettled conditions with mostly cloudy skies with the occasional break. There is still the possibility of isolated showers in this light Northwesterly flow aloft. The flow will change tomorrow to a strong Westerly flow as a moist low moves down the coast bringing light precipitation to our area. Wednesday should see some lingering cloud in the morning as a dry Northerly flow aloft moves into the area. The upper level ridge developing will give us sunny skies into the weekend with seasonal temperatures. There is a chance of snow in the upper elevations Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

    As of 07:00 Hrs we have overcast skies with unlimited visibility.

    Looking unsettled for today, mix of cloud with sunny breaks.

   Moist trough moving down the coast for tomorrow.


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    Black Bear foraging for food.

    Pika: Info on Pika's

    Sunday Morning, Not much ice and snow left in Whistler Bowl.

    September 1, getting cold in the alpine, +2 at 2180 meters. Thinking about turns!!

29 Aug 2014

August 29, 2014

    Cloudy in the mountains around Whistler and Squamish Monday morning into the evening.

    Nice day in the city Monday.

    Triconi Lake Monday morning.

    Not much snow on the South side. Tuesday August 26, 2014.

    Sunrise August 27, 2014. Officially at 06:19 Hrs.

    Sunrise August 28, 2014; 06:20 Hrs.

Weather observations for August 29, 2014; taken at 05:00Hrs.

2180 meters        +5, Winds were 15-25 KPH from the S
1835 meters        +7, Winds were 10-20 KPH from the SSE
1550 meters        No Data
  660 meters       +13, Valley Temperature, Max Temp yesterday +23.3

For the forecast we can expect unsettled conditions with mostly cloudy skies and the occasional sunny break, as a low level onshore flow moves into our area today. The low moving down the coast should become stronger on Saturday with some light precipitation. This trend will continue into Sunday with the chance of slightly more precipitation. Monday at this time looks unsettled with a mix of sun and cloud and the slight chance of some isolated showers. Cooler temperatures can be expected over the next few days. Models are not in agreement for the long term outlook. Should have a better handle on next week Monday.

    Clouds moving our way.

    Satellite image from Thursday afternoon, weather improved as the day progressed.

    Moisture in the area Saturday. Does not look like a down pour!!

     Looking wet for Saturday into Sunday. Looks like more precip on Sunday.

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    All directions in play!!

    Lake Lovely Water.

    Very early Wednesday morning.

   Alpha and Serratus, part of the Tantalus Range. August 25, 2014.

    Multi layers of cloud early Thursday morning.

25 Aug 2014

August 25, 2014

    Sunset August 22, 2014; another stellar day.

    Forestry leased 212 with Rap-Attack team fighting fires near Pemberton Friday morning.

    Garibaldi Lake Saturday evening, August 23, 2014. Clouds were forming.

    Sunset August 23, 2014.

    Cumulus cloud development on Sunday.

Weather observations for August 25, 2014; taken at 06:00 Hrs.

2180 meters          +9, Winds were 15-20 KPH from the SSW
1835 meters        +10, Winds were 5-10 KPH from the SSW
1550 meters        +12, Relative Humidity 58 %
  660 meters          +9, Valley Temperature, Max Temp Yest +2

    As of 06:30 hrs we have some scattered high cloud with unlimited visibility. Sunrise 06:18.

For the forecast, upper ridge will bring sunny and warm weather today through Wednesday as a dry Northerly flow influences our area. The ridge will move East as an offshore upper trough begins to push into the area bringing cloudier, unsettled conditions into the weekend. The trough will intensify on Saturday with cooler temperatures and the possibility of some precipitation into Sunday.

    Satellite image from Sunday afternoon. Still enough moisture in the flow to produce clouds.

    Big picture, showing significant moisture over the North Pacific.

    GFS image for today.

    High pressure for the next few days.

    Models agreeing???!!!

    Moisture forecasted for Saturday.

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                             Keeper of the Gate, Big Sky.

                       Sliding Centre from the air.


    Looking Southeast into Garibaldi Park.

22 Aug 2014

August 22, 2014

    Cloudy on August 20, 2014 but no rain that day.

    Sunset August 20, 2014.

    Slide paths near Spidery Peak.

    Cumulus development over Mount Currie prior to the rain August 21, 2014.

    Rain clouds forming Thursday afternoon over Blackcomb.

Weather observations for August 22, 2014; taken at 05:00 Hrs.

2180 Meters          +5, Winds were 25-50 KPH from the WNW
1835 Meters          +6, Winds were 5-15 KPH from the ESE
1550 Meters        +10, Relative Humidity 61 %
  660 Meters          +8, Valley Temperature, Max Temp Yest was +23, Trace of Precip Yest

For the forecast, the system bringing welcome rain to the area yesterday has been replaced by yet another high pressure aloft, with a low level Northerly flow. Sunny skies are back for as long as another week. This system will build over the Pacific Northwest through the weekend with warmer temperatures. The pattern as of now looks like it will continue into next week with gradual cooling by Thursday. There could be a change on Friday with an upper trough developing in the Pacific.

    Satellite image from August 21 St, storm clouds just to the North East.

    Fairly large stationary high in the Pacific.

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    Large cloud development on August 20, but no rain. A fairly cloudy week with pleasant temps.

    Upper Lillooet   Valley, August 20, 2014.