24 Jan 2023

January 24, 2023


      Two separate avalanches send four patients to hospital. Cherryville & Revelstoke. Bob Rankin Pic

     Update on the avalanche fatality near Valemount, B.C. Article below. Robson Fletcher Pic

      Remotely Triggered by sled. 2023/01/23. Colorado. Click> CAIC Report.     Bruce Hodgkins Pic

     No new avalanches observed on Blackcomb.

      No new avalanches observed on Whistler.


     Sunrise was at 07:58 Hrs Monday. -7 Deg C with a 5-10 KPH SE wind at 1860 m.

     10:00 Hrs. -6 Deg C with a 10-15 KPH South Wind at 1860 m.

      Monday January 22, 2023. 12:00 Hrs.  -5 Deg C with a 10-20 KPH SSW wind at 1835 m. 

      14:00 Hrs. -4 Deg C with a 10-30 KPH SE wind at 1860 m.

     16:00 Hrs. -3 Deg C with a 10-20 KPH SE wind at 1860 m.

      18:00 Hrs. -7 Deg C with a 20-30 KPH West wind at 2280 m.

Weather Observations for January 24, 2023 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2280 meters     -7, Winds were 35-45 KPH SSW--Horstman Hut
2180 meters     -7, Winds were 35-45 KPH SW--Whistler Peak
1860 meters     -4, Winds were 10-20 KPH SE--Rendezvous  
1835 meters     -4, Winds were 10-30 KPH SW--Round House
1650 meters     -4, trace in 12 Hrs, trace in 24 Hrs. Base 193 cm--Pig Alley
1570 meters     -3, trace in 12 Hrs, trace in 24 Hrs. Base 130 cm--Catskinner
  660 meters      0, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +2.7, 0.3 mm of precip yesterday. 

      As of 06:00 Hrs we have a trace of new snow. 0.2 mm in the precip gauge. Base 193 cm.

        As of 07:00 Hrs this am we have overcast skies, variable visibility and snowing S-1.


Unsettled today with dirty ridging in a Northerly flow aloft. Mostly overcast with a dry airmass, may see a few flurries. The FL is sitting around 1000 m and may rise to 1400 m today.  Warm high pressure strengthens for Wednesday with a mix of sun and cloud, warm air aloft. Surface high gets pushed offshore Thursday with a modified Arctic Front pushing to the coast Friday. A very weak short wave trough brings some light precipitation Thursday night, very quick impulse. The cold arctic air and high will bring sunny skies for Friday. Colder and sunny for Saturday. Sunday is looking cold and unsettled with a mix of sun and cloud. Guesstimates: trace-2 cm by Wednesday am, 0 cm by Thursday am, 1-5 cm by Friday am, 0 cm by Saturday am, 0 cm by Sunday am.

       GOES IR IMAGE from this am.

      GOES 17 ABI IMAGE 2023/01/24. 05:00 Hrs.

       High pressure pushing onshore, low will spill some cloud in a Northerly flow Tuesday.

      Overcast but dry for Tuesday, may see a flurry.

      Northerly flow aloft.

            High strengthens, mix of sun and cloud Wednesday. Warms up. Inversion.

      Mix of sun and cloud Wednesday.

            Arctic airmass will be pushing the high West, Arctic front arrives Thursday night. 

      Overcast for most of the day, frontal band arrives Thursday night.

         Warm High and cold arctic air just pushing over our zone Friday. Cooler.

      European Model has some snow coming on  Thursday night. Jan 27, 2023.

       Very shortwave trough with some very light precipitation Thursday night. Dries out Friday. Ridging.

      Ridging for Saturday with sunny skies and cold temperatures.

      Cold and clear on Sunday.


      Mix of sun and cloud Monday am.

      Track on Decker West Couloir.

     The Snow Blob.

      Two people on Upper Disease Ridge.

      Blackcomb Peak

      Many tracks on Cowboy Ridge.

      Medievac on Whistler.

      Approach to Whistler Alpine Heli-pad!

      Soft Cord.

      Still nice dry snow to be had.


      Wind drift with some texture!!

      Awesome light in the pm.

     Many Layers!

      Spectacular Evening!

      17:00 Hrs. Sunset was at 16:50 Hrs. -7 Deg C with a 10-20 KPH SW wind at 2280 m.

        Recent Profile.


Travel and Terrain Advice

Recent wind has varied in direction so watch for wind slabs on all aspects.

Be carefull around freshly wind loaded features.

Avoid shallow, rocky areas where the snowpack transitions from thick to thin.



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