21 May 2023

May 21, 2023


      No new avalanches observed on Blackcomb Saturday.

      Old debris across the valley.

       Old cornice release on The Pemberton Ice Cap.                                                       Al Collis Pic

      Old activity on the Pemberton Ice Cap.                                                                        Al Collis Pic

      Alpine on the Ice Cap is well ahead of the seasonal melt. 6 weeks?                            Al Collis Pic


      Sunrise Saturday was at 05:19 Hrs. +7 Deg C with a 5-10 KPH SE breeze at 1860 m.

      08:00 hrs. +9 Deg C with a 5-10 KPH SE breeze at 1860 m.

      10:00 hrs. +11 Deg C with a 0-6 KPH NNE breeze at 1860 m.

      Saturday May 20, 2023. 12:00 Hrs. +14 Deg c with a 5-10 KPH South breeze at 1835 m.

     14:00 Hrs. +15 Deg C with a 0-8 KPH ENE Breeze at 1860 m.

     16:00 Hrs. +14 Deg C with a 20-25 KPG South wind at 2280 m.

Weather Observations for May 21, 2023 taken at 06:00 Hours.

2280 meters     +4, Winds were 25-35 KPH SSW--Horstman Hut
1860 meters     +6, Winds were 10-20 KPH SE--Rendezvous  
1650 meters     +4, 0 mm in 12 Hrs, 0 mm in 24 Hrs. Base 128 cm--Pig Alley
1570 meters     +8, 0 mm in 12 Hrs, 0 mm in 24 Hrs. Base   33 cm--Catskinner
  660 meters     +9, Valley Temp, Max temp Yesterday was +27.2, 0.0 mm of precip yesterday.

High at 2280 m on Saturday was +13.9 Deg C at 18:15 Hrs. High at 1860 m was +16.3 Deg C at 18:45 Hrs.

08:45 Upload on Blackcomb Sunday.

      As of 06:00 Hrs we have 0.0 mm. Base 128 cm at 1650 m.

      As of 07:00 Hrs we have broken cloud and unlimited visibility.


Incoming cool upper trough, exiting ridge will bring a mix of sun and cloud with the chance? of a pm shower in a Southwesterly flow aloft. The FL is hovering around 2800 meters and may go up to 3000 m with daytime heating, dropping back down to around 2200 m by Monday am.  Chance of an isolated shower this pm with an increase in cloud cover as the day progresses.  Still above average temperatures. Ridge weakens with an upper level trough pushing in for Monday. Mix of sun and cloud Monday am with periods of light rain beginning in the late am with increasing cloud cover, overcast with light precipitation by the pm. Overcast skies and dry by Monday evening, with slightly below average temperatures.  Another trough arrives for Tuesday later in the am with steady precipitation into Wednesday am. Unsettled Wednesday with a mix of sun and cloud with some showers in the mix. Dirty ridging in the pm. Ridge strengthens Thursday with sunny skies. Another trough for Friday with overcast skies and periods of light precipitation. Moist day on Saturday with an unsettled weather day. Moist with light precipitation on Sunday. Will begin a weekly forecast starting Monday. Guesstimates: 0-trace by Monday am, 3-6 mm by Tuesday am, 6-10 mm by Wednesday am, trace-2 mm by Thursday am, 0-trace mm by Friday am, 1-3 mm by Saturday am, 10-15 mm by Sunday am, 5-10 mm by Monday am.

      GOES IR IMAGE from this am.

      WINDY IMAGE 2023/05/21. 05:00 Hrs.

        Dirty ridging for Sunday with a mix of sun and cloud, 

      Relatively dry on Sunday, slight chance of a pm convective shower?

      Southwesterly flow aloft.

         Cool upper level trough, receding high will bring an unsettled day Monday.

      Low will bring periods of light precipitation Monday. Mixed bag!!

           Two Lows will bring a moist day on Tuesday. Below average temperatures.

      Periods of light precipitation on Tuesday.

  Exiting trough, dirty ridging for an unsettled day with cloud, sun, and showers. Seasonable temps.

      Dirty ridging for Wednesday. Showers in the mix.

      Ridge strengthens for Thursday.

      Low may bring a moist day on Friday, with overcast skies and showers.


      Mix of sun and cloud at 06:00 Hrs Saturday. 

      08:55 Hrs upload Saturday am.

      The grass is very green at the bottom of the BG.

       The Ascent Trail looks good to go, almost!

      Lots of folk do not read well!

      So many parts in Lot 8!

      Firm grooming for about 30 min.

     Volkl skis are my fave.

      Last run of the year to BG mid station.

      River of Golden dreams was busy Saturday.

      Air Time just before the GLC Deck.

      Lots of folks showed up on Saturday.

      Mix of sun and cloud all day.

      21:00 Hrs. Prepping for Sunday am. 2 days left of the 2022/2023 Season.


Backcountry Avalanche Advisory – Sea to Sky

Avalanche Canada advisories are done for the season. Advisories are typically available in fall, winter and spring (October – April). Please check back in Fall 2023 for Whistler and the Sea to Sky region advisories. If you're heading into the mountains this spring, learn more about assessing spring conditions.


No new MIN reports as of 07:00 Hrs.


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Fast ride: Challenging terrain at that speed


Rapid melt of snowpacks muddies provincial data: BCRFC

Oregon snowpack melting faster than usual: Portland

Rapid snowpack melt in Rocky Mountains foils drought relief: Colorado

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