28 Nov 2011

Another active day on the mountains, avalanches from Size 1 to Size 4 were controlled by hand charges and heli-bombing today. This is a shot of Blackcomb Bowl were a hand charge released a size 3 avalanche.

The largest result from heli-bombing on Blackcomb was the bowl referred to as Corona, it was released by a 2 Kg charge deployed on the skiers lt side, the entire bowl released, the largest avalanche I have known off in the past 32 years for this slope. (Click to see video above) I believe it is a size 4 considering the fracture line was from 1.5 meters to 3 Meters in depth.  The initial avalanche pulls out the steepest slope then the entire bowl releases going across the valley and uphill. Many large avalanches were released on Whistler as well, Flute, Glacier Cirque, Exiliration, are just a few. If you are up in the next few days its a good idea to take note what has slid and how big the results are. At the end of the month I hope to compile images and a summary of the events from a very active November.
We live in a beautiful environment, at the moment the alpine deserves a lot of respect.

Please click on  the avalanche advisory and if you need to learn the terminology check out the links below.
Avalanche advisory