29 Nov 2011

  • A picture of surface hoar which will likely form this evening as the temperatures drop.
  • It snowed 11 centimetres at 1550 meters today, which improved the skiing. More explosive testing today resulted in size1 to size 2 slides occurring in the storm snow. A notable event that happened today was a solo skier involvement in a size 2 avalanche, hiking up a steep slope injuring himself and skiing back into the boundary to summon help for a large thigh contusion. The hazard rating was at considerable, if you are not sure what considerable is find out on the links below or click here and click on the description of  the hazard rating. Considerable
  • If you are planning to go into the back country please!!! do not travel alone, have the appropriate gear (transceiver, shovel, and probe) and learn how to use it in companion rescue.