29 Dec 2011

December 28 Th: Size 1-1.5 slab avalanches were prominent between 1700-1900 meters. A ski cut produced this result. Avalancher rounds and explosives produced a couple of size 2 avalanches as well. Last night we received 16 cm of new snow at the Pig Alley weather plot. At 2280 meters the temperature at 0600 hours was -8.5 with winds 35-50 KPH from the south. Maximum gust last night was 120 KPH. Freezing level is presently at 800 meters. Present avalanche control is getting results of Size1- Size 3 on East, North, and South aspects.  Click here for the present avalanche advisory for the Whistler Area: Avalanche Advisory
 Click on the above video to see a 1 Kg charge detonating. Ropes are tied to the explosives so they do not slide down the slope when sitting on hard slabs like this particular placement. Ropes are also used to hang the explosive over a cornice.