1 Dec 2011

Reverse loading was the new challenge yesterday. North to North East winds transported snow resulting in a stiff wind slab. Ski cutting produced a 1.5 yesterday morning.  These shots were taken last February 20, 2011 by Braden Douglas ski touring on the East Ridge of Fissile. Skinning up released this slab, a sphincter tightening moment.  North winds had been blowing for a couple of days before this event.  We are in for a few days of inverted temperatures and North  to North East winds. The new snow has bridged over some of the deep persistent weak layers but in shallow areas there is certainly potential for large releases.Click here for latest update.Hazard Rating for Whistler area It will be interesting to see how the snow conditions do with the forecasted temperatures in the Alpine over the next few days. If anyone has pictures or stories from the past month please pass them along. Send to wwflann@me.com. Be sure to check out the posts from November to keep you updated on what has been happening in the snowpack. Check out Cliff Mass weather blog at the bottom of the page for his take on this large high pressure system.