28 Dec 2011

We are in a very active system, a combination of the low and the high with  the jet stream over us,  have given us 21 cm of new snow overnight at pig alley 1650 meters. In the alpine the present temperature is -3.8 and has remained steady there. Winds are 70-80 KPH from the south with a max gust last night of 125 KPH. At 1550 meters the temperature as of 06:00 Hrs is +.5 degrees. In the valley its +4 degrees. The freezing level has remained steady at 1600 meters since midnight. This low should give us another 20-25 cm of snow today with strong southerly winds. It is unlikely the alpine will open today. With the combination of the stiff slabs forming yesterday and this new load of snow the avalanche danger will certainly increase. Click here for the latest: Avalanche Rating