27 Jan 2012

Another day when many tears were shed, the sooner January is over the better. I would like to start the year over on February 1 st. Yesterday was a beautiful day, I am sure everyone on the mountain had some great turns. If you knew Dave I hope you made a few for him!!

At 2280 meters it was -11, winds 55-75 from the south at 05:45. At 1550 meters it was -8, 86 % humidity, and the barometer is steady. 1 cm was recorded at pig alley. In the valley it is -5. Mostly dry today, a few flurries for the next 2 days with more precipitation on the way. Avalanche control produced minimum results yesterday, Husume however went size 3 in some deep storm snow, 1.5-2.5 meter fracture line.  On Wednesday Whistler Mountain produced some isolated size 2-2.5 avalanches that also went in the storm snow.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

There has been 4 avalanche fatalities in the United States from January 18-22. One in Winter Park, 1 in Vail, 1 in Snowmass, and one in the Park Range. More details to follow once there are official reports.