2 Jan 2012

At approximately 10:30 Hrs January 2, 2012 a group of back country skiers entered this steep chute in the Steep Creek area on the Duffy Lake Road initiating a size 2.5 avalanche. A 30 year old male was caught and carried 475 meters down the chute sustaining a facial and pelvis fracture. He was partially buried and dug out by his touring group. A female in the party also sustained a minor back injury. They were both flown to Whistler Heli Port and transported to the Whistler Clinic.

The foreground is where he ended up after the ride in the right hand S chute. His helmet was split down the centre and he would have likely sustained a major head injury if he had not been wearing it.  There were several natural class 2-3 slides in the high alpine area near this location.

 At approximately 14:00 Hrs a 33 year old male was involved in a size 2.5 avalanche at Sunshine Peak in the Bralorne Area. The fracture line can be seen in the open area on the knob lookers right. He was partially buried and  sustained bilateral tib-fib fractures. He was also flown to the Whistler Heli Port and transported from there to the Whistler clinic. His companions dug him out, one stayed with him and the other skied out to get help.

He was taken approximately 175 meters down a steep chute and ended up at the top of the run out zone.