13 Jan 2012

Dary here up in Toba, had a avalanche today that went on the Oct 31 cr/fc interface, scraped entire HS off down to glacial ice. Trigger was a single 25 kg Xh. In light of the Hanging Roll slide Dec 30 thought you might like to know. Crown is  4-8m  X  1000m,  ran from 2400m to 600m,  across 500m flat valley then up 400m into timber and rock slabs, triggering a sz 2+ on the rock slabs.

 Play safe,

8m max
1000m wide
Thank you Dary for sharing those images. A very scary PWL .

It was -7 at 2280 m with winds 20- 30 KPH from the south at 06:00. At 1550 it was -4 and the barometer is falling slightly. In the valley it is -4.

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