2 Jan 2012

January 2, 2011 started out as a beautiful morning. Pink sky in the morning rescuers warning!! There were 2 incidents close to home yesterday and another in the Tyax Area near the Elderado Cabin. Unconfirmed report, but TLH Heliskiing responded to an avalanche involvement where a male ski tourer sustained a knee injury.  The other day I mentioned an avalanche involvement with Whistler Heli Ski. A guide and group where preparing for a pick up in the Ipsoot area and were struck by a slide, the guide was buried except for an extended arm and one quest was partially buried. There were no injuries. Please read the Avalanche Advisory, Click here: Avalanche Advisory
Ski Tourers please look, listen, steep terrain in the Sea to Sky Corridor is not where you want to be!!!!

We received 2 cm of new snow at Pig Alley (1650 Meters ). Temperature at 2280 meters was -7 with South winds at 35 KPH, Max gust last night was 80KPH. At 1550 Meters the temperature was -1.5 and the barometer is on a downward trend. The models have not been very reliable so I am refraining from any predictions.