12 Jan 2012

Lakeside Bowl just above Ziggy's Meadow is a Permanent Closure. Anywhere above the normal traverse line is a permanent closure, Hiking Up Hill will cost you your pass and skiing privileges. The walk up is just below the ridge line on the upper left part of the picture which  has several signs explaining the rules. . Below are pictures of the signs that are there. On the trail map it shows this area as permanently closed. This particular slope has produced size 3 avalanches and years ago produced a 3.5 summer avalanche that displaced the small lake at its base and destroyed a part of the forest know as Sluice Way which is skiers left of Cloud Nine. The terrain is very avalanche prone due to its aspect and shallow snow pack around the rocks. The lower slopes are very prone to isothermal avalanches in the spring when the sun bakes these slopes and even if it has not snowed for a week the sign line may be closed. . Many people have lost their skiing privileges for not obeying the very necessary closures in this area. Yesterday, January 11, 2012, 7 pass holders and one day ticket user found this out the hard way.  Know where you are going, if there is fresh powder to be had and your the first one there after the mountain has been opened for hours you are probably some where you should not be. It is your responsibility to know where you are!! If you are not sure ask before you jeopardise other people below you and your pass.
Pretty brief and to the point, if you see a sign that is shaped like a stop sign it might be a good idea to read it.
This is a sign on the south side of ladies First on the hike up along the ridge line.
Another sign on the same hike up that explains to the hikers what the policy is.
At 06:00 this morning the temperature at 2280 meters was-3 with 20-25 KPH from the SW. At 1550 meters temperature is -1 with a slight drop in the barometer. In the valley it is -5.

For the up to date avalanche advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Some models are showing snow for the week end but there is a slight possibility that it may forced to the south of us. Lets all think positively and hope we get more snow.

For more information on signs check out January 2 nd post.