7 Jan 2012

Last night the Conference centre was full of souls, young and old, to celebrate the life of Duncan MacKenzie. It was an enormous turnout. It was an emotional evening for all as we celebrated his charismatic energy, shared his incredible stories, and remembered a special mountain man who has left a permanent mark in our community. Rip for Chip.

One whole centimetre fell to the ground last night. At 06:00 the temperature at 2280 meters was -10, winds were 25 KPH from the south. At 1550 meters it was -7 and the barometer was on a slight rise. In the valley it was -1. Temperatures should rise slightly as the day progreses and we can expect light snow through out the day.

Please click here for the updated Avalanche Advisory:  Avalanche Advisory

If you are heading up the Duffy things are tightening up slowly but tread softly. Be diligent in your slope selection!!