2 Jan 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's Signs!!!
75 people lost their passes last season for not respecting the signage. Signs are there for a reason. There are Permanent Closure signs, Avalanche Closure signs, Do not hike uphill signs, and just plain closed signs. If you are caught your skiing\riding privilege could be taken away for up to one full  season. Think about it!!!
If your not sure what revoked means look it up!

No new snow last night, so much for the models! It is -4.5 at 2280 Meters with 50 KPH winds from the South. Max gust last night was 80 KPH. At 1550 Meters temperature is 0 with a Maximum temperature of +1. In the valley it is -6. The models are still calling for snow all week. Expect flurries sometime today increasing to moderate snowfall by tonight. There could be as much as 15 cm by the end of today.

Click here for the latest Avalanche Advisory:Avalanche Advisory