25 Jan 2012

These rocks are usually a good indicator of how much snow we have, you can see some of the most recent layers. Still far from where we were last year!!
At 2280 meters the temperature was -11 at 05:30, winds were 75-110 KPH from the south. At 1550 meters the temperature was -6, 96 % humidity, and the barometer is rising. At pig alley 5 cm of new snow was recorded at 05:30. At catskinner 1550 14 cm was recorded at 06:15  In the valley it is +1.

For the revised Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Avalanche control yesterday produced size 1 soft slabs, the skiing was very good but the persistent strong winds kept the alpine closed.

Thanks to Lee Lau for this submission from the Duffy:

Last data set I have is from 120121 - rough notes I typed up just now.  It's not very current obviously

Vantage Ridge

Skied NW, W and N slopes

S1 to S2 all day except end of day when last hour was S4,  Winds SSE 30 - 50 with SSE 50+ eod

Ski pen 30cms, boot pen 50cms.   Upside down snow pack.   Storm snow 20cms with wl aspects 40+.    Didn't go alpine; just at treeline or below treeline.

Can't remember temps but inversion was breaking down.