3 Jan 2012

This will not be you today! There will be no sunshine. The local mountains received 25 cm of new snow overnight at Pig Alley(1650M) at 05:30. Winds at 2280 meters were 85 KPH from the south, maximum gust was 145 KPH and the temperature is -3.5 with a Maximum temperature of -1.7 at 02:45. The freezing level is at 1500 meters and may rise as the storm continues through the day. At 1550 meters the present temperature is 0 and the maximum was + .5 at 03:30. There are strong winds associated with this system.  Expect slabs to develop as the snow and wind continue . It is +4 in the valley. Another 30 cm of snow can be expected in the alpine.
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