9 Jan 2012

Tony Sittlinger Photo

Wind transport, terrain features and buried toboggans. Last week we had strong winds 85-145 KPH with 60 centimetres of snow. The distribution of the snow depends on a lot of factors. Wind speed, terrain features, slope angles, crystal size, and fetches. Snow scientists like Lacossa & Barber,2010 describe : "Snow transported by the wind tends to be deposited preferentially in the lee of topographic disturbances such as ridges and erode preferentially from flat areas where an adequate fetch to establish wind exists". Its amazing that 60 centimetres of snow and strong variable winds can bury these toboggans 3.75 meters deep. They are normally placed on end with the handles extended up leaning against the rock.

 Heidi Voelker Photo

It was a lot of work to get both of the toboggans dug out.

There have been several fatal avalanches in the U.S. and Canada in the past few days. It appears that not everywhere in the States is snow less. For information on the 3 fatality's in the U.S. click here: US Avalanche Fatalities

There has also been another avalanche related fatality in Golden B.C. Click here for link: Golden Avalanche

For the latest Avalanche Advisory click here:  Avalanche Advisory

Click here for the snow report: Snow Report

At 2280 meters it was -4 with 80-90 KPH winds from the south. Maximum gust in the past 12 hours was 110 KPH. At 1550 meters it was 0 with a max temperature of +1 at 23:00 hours yesterday. The barometer is climbing at a steady rate. It is +4 in the valley.