24 Jan 2012

Tree skiing is getting better, more people are going into the trees. Yesterday around noon an employee was skiing in the gladed runs and fell into a tree hole upper skiers right of the middle pitch of sling shot. Luckily he managed to get his phone out of his pocket and was able to call dispatch about his predicament. Being upside down panicking in a tree hole unable to move he had a difficult time explaining exactly where he was. It took 3 patrollers to find him ( 0ne getting too low in the trees) and once found 2 patrollers to dig him out. He was unable to get out by himself.  If he had not had an accessible cell phone he may have died, as many have before in this situation.  If you are going to ski the trees have a partner who understands the consequences of falling into a tree hole. Stay within visual contact, have a whistle close to your mouth, have your cell phone in an accessible pocket and be aware of the tree holes. 
Yesterday, avalanche control produced mostly size1 10-20 cm soft slabs with a couple of isolated size 2's.

Click here for the latest Avalanche Advisory: Avalanche Advisory

At 2280 meters the temperature -10, winds 50-70 KPH from the SSE at 06:00. At 1550 it was -6, 97 % humidity, and the barometer is dropping slightly. At 1650 meters the snow measurement was 5 cm at 05:30. In the valley it is 0 and snowing 1 cm per hour. The models are indicating 20 -30 cm by tomorrow morning.

Have not received any data from ski tourers in the Duffy lately, does anyone have any intel??