31 Jan 2012

A wet slide on the Singing Pass trail. Tree bombs can also start these types of avalanches. Thanks to Braden Douglas for this photo.
Hey Wango

Heres a little sz 1.5 that came across singing pass 2 drainage's east of Shiraz creek. Probably was some big pillows that got rolling and entrained a bunch of wet loose snow. Recent no tracks across it yet. Ran down over the trail towards Fitz creek.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -7.5, winds 30-40 KPH from the south at 06:45. Maximum gust last nite was 66 KPH. At 1550 the temperature was -3.5, 95 % humidity, and the barometer is rising. In the valley it is +1. At 1550 (Catskinner) the height of snow was 8 cm at 06:15. At 1650 meters (Pig Alley) the height of snow was 7 cm at 05:30. Looking at the models we could receive an additional 20 cm by tomorrow morning.

For the Peak to Valley race, the forecast has changed as it always does. Friday is now looking like snow flurries to light snow and Saturday is mostly sunny with a few clouds.
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