11 Jan 2012

Yesterday started out with the full moon setting behind the Pemberton Ice cap. It was cold but one of those amazing Whistler Days. It will be much warmer today. 
 The day ended with an equally beautiful sunset.  
At 06:00 the temperature at 2280 m was -6 with 15-20 KPH winds from the south. At 1550 m it was -6.5 with the barometer on a slight decline. It was -5 in the valley. No new snow expected until the week end when the temperatures should stay below freezing in the valley and we will receive more of the white stuff.

The snow pack is stiffening up and for now has improved. For the latest avalanche advisory click her: Avalanche Advisory

Here is an interesting story associated with one of the fatal avalanches in the U.S. on January 1, 2012.
Click here for the story: Survival Story