18 Jan 2012

Yesterday was cold and windy, even with the little snow that fell there were a few size 1 30 cm soft slabs to be found on steep lee slopes. In this particular slab there were 3 distinct layers.

30 cm soft slab on False Face
Another small soft slab
The winds picked up to 60 KPH but if you were able to stay warm there were some good turns to be had.
At 06:00 the temperature at 2280 meters was -22. Winds were out of the north at 2-7 KPH. At 1550 it was -20, relative humidity at 86.9 % and the barometer is on a slight decline. In the valley it is -20.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here:Avalanche Advisory

Great footage of an avalanche near Stewart, B.C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjAjWyLowXo