8 Feb 2012

South aspect of Tremor, avalanche occurred over the weekend, 2000 meter elevation, size 2.5. Andor Tari Photo

Wet loose avalanche in the Brandywine area over the weekend. With the warm temperatures spiking last Friday there was certainly a lot of isolated activity.  Thanks to Toby Tortorelli for these images. 
Closer look at the slab avalanche off Mt. Cayley over the weekend. Toby Tortorelli Photo

At 2280 meters the temperature was -5, winds 15-25 KPH from the SE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -3, 75 % humidity and the barometer is rising slightly. In the valley it is -2.  No real snow amounts in the foreseeable future.
For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

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Helicopter Bombing