14 Mar 2012

Great pow skiing right to the valley yesterday!!! Avalanche control produced mostly size 1 avalanches yesterday with the exception of a size 2 off Phalnax Ridge, check below for some pictures of Fx line.

At 2280 meters as of 06:00 the temperature was -13, winds were 40-60 KPH from the SSE. At 1550 the temperature was - 10, 95 % humidity and the barometer is dropping. In the valley it is -4. 5 cm was recorded at pig alley and 3 cm at cat skinner weather plot. We could easily see 20 cm by tomorrow morning.

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Update on Sparwood Avalanche : Sparwood Avalanche

Update on Ghost Mountain Avalanche: Ghost Mountain

Another fatality in the US,  Haines Alaska: Alaska

Thanks to Ryan for the next set of pictures of a Xh (explosive delivered by helicopter), on a slope referred to as Halifax off Phalnax Ridge. The culprit is likely the February 8 Th crust.

1.5 m max crown, tapers to .5 m

Fairly firm looking slab
1F facets on a crust
Fx line profile on Halifax slide path, ran full path into mature trees.

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