21 Mar 2012

Huge Airtime!!! We are in for some sunny weather soon, looks like Friday will be blue bird.

At 2280 meters the temperature is - 12 as of 06:00. The winds were 40-55 KPH from the South. At 1550 meters the temperature is -9, 85.5 % relative humidity and the barometer is  rising. In the valley it is -2. At pig alley 3 cm was recorded as of 05:30, and at catskiner 1 cm had fallen as of 06:00. Reports of pencil wind slab up to 40 cm on ridges and wind features.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Information about snow amounts at Mt Baker: La Nina delivers in March

Cornice cutting at Castle Peak: No Bombs

Interview with survivor of Haines Avalanche last week: Interview

Highway closed due to an avalanche: Coquihalla Closed

Jumbo Glacier finally gets approval: Jumbo

From Paul Austin: Wayne,

We were out Oboe/Cowboy way on Saturday and the large avalanche shown in the picture on your blog today was there then. 

Thanks to Nina Van Driel for the information.

The attached pic is rather grainy as taken from an iPhone but from the top of Oboe I saw a crown line lookers right of Cowboy Ridge above a gnarly cliff band - hard to judge the size, and you may have seen better footage already, but it seemed to be a natural as no tracks could be seen leading in, and below it fell away into some steep un-skiable terrain (not shown in this photo) that drains into Singing Creek. Would love to hear if you have any more info on that one - has anyone flown over it? 

We skied the Apostles today, in perfect pow after a lazy late start, and Singing Pass is also in great shape.

These images from Facebook, seems it went viral. Before and after a size 4 slide!!