17 Mar 2012

I am sure the snow was epic, avalanche control work Friday produced size 1 avalanches at WB. Use of single and double shots were used. A few isolated size 1.5's. 30 cm 1F-P slabs. Settlement for the week of fallen snow was 50% at 1550 meters.

As of 06:00 the temperature was -11 at 2280 m , winds were 15-20 KPH from the NNE. At 1550 the temperature was -8, 95 % relative humidity and the barometer is on a slight decline. Trace  of new snow was recorded at cat skinner weather plot and 1 cm at the pig alley weather plot. In the valley it is -2. The winds turned around at mid night, ranged from North to East and maxed out at 25-40 KPH.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

For a 11 minute clip on avalanche rescue practice at Jackson Hole click here: Avalanche Rescue

Keeping with this weeks theme, heli bombing at Fernie Alpine Resort: Blow it up

Spring time control work in Switzerland: Anzere

Most resorts are pretty keen on avalanche awareness: Sunshine

Some are like this snowman!!

An interesting shot of the Grizzly Lake Avalanche in motion!

This is from Wednesday, and the cornices haven't changed much in the past 48 hrs. It is sort of an odd image but it is an accurate representation of how big the cornices are getting. Thanks "Tony" for  this picture. Cornices are getting very big and temperature fluctuations will bring them to life.