31 Mar 2012

Large climax slide off Wedge, May 1969.  Thanks to Cliff Jennings for submitting history.

Finally found the image. Taken in May of 1969. The helicopter pilot went through Wedge Pass in late September & still saw a huge pile of snow & trees in the creek bed at about 1300 meters. The slides started at over 2300 meters, so ran about 1000 vertical meters.

As of 06:00 the temperature at 2280 m was - 12, winds were 15-30 KPH from the NNE. At 1550 meters the temperature was - 9, 93 % relative humidity and the barometer is dropping. At that elevation 8 cm of new snow was recorded. at pig alley 6 cm was recorded. Int he valley it is -2. 

In the corridor yesterday avalanche occurrences were Xe, Xc, Sc, size 1-3, 20cm - 1 m crown lines. 

Snow is still in the forecast, looks like Sunday night will bring us another storm into Monday. 

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Another great day of powder skiing yesterday.