9 Mar 2012

Large slide near Russet Lake Cabin, Released Wednesday Night.

Thanks to Justin Coughlin for this image.

 I was up doing the Spearhead yesterday / today.  The winds were blowing pretty consistently the whole time and the snow conditions seemed to reflect that.  We did come across this slide in the photo.  It was just to the North of the Russet Lake Hut where there is commonly a skin track to shortcut back to the top of Cowboy Ridge.  A group of three that spent the night at the hut seemed to think it happened overnight Wednesday. 

Hey Wayne,

Saw this today, thought I'd share it as it ran across a popular shortcut/exit route from Russet Lake.

This is the view from just below the Himmelsbach Hut, looking across with Russet Ridge behind the slide.
Couldn't see any tracks, although there was a skin track that passed over the toe of the slide. Someone exiting from the bottom of the moraine.

Went down for a view from below

Looks like it may have went yesterday or early today. Pulled out right from the top.

Thanks again for all the info,

Thanks to Jamie May for these photos. 

At 2280 meters the temperature is - 4. Winds were 55-75 KPH from the SSE as of 06:00. Maximum temp +.5 at 15:30 yesterday.  At 1550 meters the temperature is + 2, relative humidity is 99.5 % and the barometer is dropping. Maximum temp there was +3.5 at 21:15 yesterday.  At the Catskinner plot there is 10 cm of new snow.  In the valley it is +2. Another turn of events which will certainly effect the avalanche conditions. 

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Keeping with an international flavour this week thanks to Helene Huang for this link to an avalanche in China, there is an add at the beginning, it is a little long, but the footage of the avalanche in some nice looking tree skiing is worth the view: Tree Skiing

Hiro Okazaki Photo

This accident location was next to the site of Ma  early this week.

Observed lots of recent Na on exactly same recipe. At TL elev and E asp wind Sheltered terrain features. Good prop 40-60 cm some step down to deeper lyrs.
Small indicator slopes are showing where you should avoid stepping in.

An update from the avalanche involvement Saturday March 3 at Cerise Creek. The individual involved is still in the hospital, C7 Fracture, Lt clavicle fracture, and a skull fracture. Amazing that he self extricated from the scene. He could have used some TLC. 

Thanks to Nicole Koshure for sending this link of a snowmobile involvement from Utah, it has a happy ending: Snowmobile Rescue