4 Mar 2012

Old picture of an avalanche coming off Phalnax Ridge.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -4, winds 55-65 KPH from the South as of 06:00. At 1550 meters the temperature was - .35, 87 % relative humidity and the barometer is dropping, 1 cm of new snow at pig alley. In the valley it is +4.  The freezing level should continue to come down as the day progresses. Moist snow down to 30 cm at tree line. Yesterday the maximum temperatures were +1.8 at Pig Alley at 12:00, -1.5 at the round house at 16:45. On Blackcomb maximum temperatures were +1.6 at Catskiner at 15:15 and -1.7 at the Alpine Shop at 15:15.

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Another avalanche on the Duffy yesterday, Vantage Peak. The incident occurred around 12:00 on Saturday March 3,2012. Several groups were ski touring in the Cerise Creek cabin area. A group of 4 were at the 2000m elevation on a steep NW facing slope of Vantage Peak running out to the toe of the Anniversary Glacier. The slide took one of the party 2-3 hundred meters down in a size 1.5 avalanche and was injured, partially buried and in the end self evacuated.  Visibility was bad so these are estimates , debris 60 m wide with a crown line from 20-30 cm.  By the time a helicopter reached the scene at 15:30 hours the individual had reached the high way and was taken to the Pemberton Clinic.  Any other information would be appreciated.