7 Mar 2012

One of numerous slides in the Sea to Sky Corridor yesterday, this one on the South side of Spearhead Peak.
Skiers right track cut out the slide and went for about a 100 meter ride before exiting.  Jamie May Photo

As of 06:00 hours at 2280 meter the temperature was -8, winds were 15-30 KPH from the SW. At 1550 meters the temperature was -11, 86 % relative humidity and the barometer is rising. In the valley it is -9. No new snow last night.  Yesterday produced numerous size 2-3 avalanches,  naturals and skier released.

For the latest Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Unfortunately there has been an avalanche fatality above Grizzly Lake, on a steep east facing slope of Powder Mountain.  The slide occurred yesterday afternoon when 2 snowmobiles were high marking on the slope, one sled was buried with its driver and the other managed to get out of the slide.  The size 3 avalanche ran about 100 meters.  The crown was  30cm to 1.5 meters deep and approximately 350 meters wide. The deceased was buried between 40-60 cm deep his snow mobile a few meters deep.   The RCMP, Whistler SAR, Whistler Patrol,  Blackcomb Patrol and other sledders responded to the incident.

Brad Sills Photo

On the international front news of large avalanches in Pakistan: Large Avalanches


A few photos from today. One skier accidental and two naturals. Did not see the party in the accidental, but the start zone was on a sharp convexity with numerous rock weaknesses that had been reverse-loaded in last night’s shift to northerly winds. Noticed a few more of these south-facing skier accidentals just south of the DOA avy boundary this afternoon. All had convexity's and shallow rock weaknesses that had been reverse-loaded.



Skier Accidental in the Cake Hole from yesterday: Photo Below

From Dave Sarkany  Rutherford region Photos below:
The common theme in most of these slides was N asp at treeline 1400-1700m.
There where some higher S aspect slides, new snow overloading an old crust probably.