18 Mar 2012

Should be another great day in the snow, Blackcomb dropped some cornices yesterday with no avalanches being triggered.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -13 as of 06:00. Winds were 25-35 KPH from the ESE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -9, 95 % relative humidity and the barometer is steady. 8 cm of new  was recorded overnight at pig alley while cat skinner weather plot was short changed with 2 cm.  In the valley it is -4.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

For some more avalanche control footage click here:  Peak Chair

Avalanche fatalities in Europe: Austria

Avalanche claims 4 in Iran: Hamedan Ski Resort

What a week, 206 centimetres of snowfall at the catskinner weather plot from March 9-16 Th.

Some Field observations from the Duffy:

Thanks to Mike Gigliotti

No ct results at steep creek near 1800 meters sheltered trees. Variable deep 80 to 110 cmc shovel sheer results.  Others selected the steep routes and had big smiles. We skied our tracks and the road back. Nice fluffy snow. -7 to - 10 C. 
Ps. BIG snow banks to the Joffre summit and less than 1 third on the east side.   
Mike G

From Lee Lau

From area in W Cayoosh

~ 60cms HST at 1300m; 80cms HST at 1850m; 100cms HST @ 1950m.  Hand shears didn't reveal much on the climbing skin track (N aspect) but then that's a lot of new snow.

Kinda curious whether the pwkl that broke someones femur from a couple of weeks ago was still there so dug a hasty.  HS on ridge ~240cm; on SE aspect just off ridge ~340cms.

10cms fist,
buried MF crust (1cm),
10cms fist
40cms 4F+
80cms 1f  to pencil

20 down CTH25 RP.  SS 2 down 80 failure on surface hoar (5mm grains) - so the surf hoar is still there but not overly reactive.

Didn't bother with the N aspect slopes as the hasties and pole probes showed pretty much fist snow in the storm interface.  Skied E then NE slope laps.  E had 30cms boot pen, NE 60cms boot pen.  Snow was of the blower in your face variety.

Temps fluctuated between -1 to -7 all day in the zone we were skiing.   Light wind gusts from SE