15 Mar 2012

Steep and deep in this photo but the trees will be the place to play today.  

At 2280 meters the temperature was -6 as of 06:00. Winds were 80-115 KPH from the SSE. At 1550 meters the temperature was -4, 98.6 % relative humidity and the barometer was dropping. In the valley it is -1. Over night 34 cm was recorded at
catskinner and 20 cm was recorded at pig alley.  The snow will continue until this afternoon, likely another 10-15 cm. Strong winds should persist through out the morning.   Wind slabs will be forming in many locations.  Advisable to allow all the storm snow to settle, gain some strength, before venturing into the alpine.  Size 1-3 avalanches can be expected. 

Cornices will continue to grow and become fragile. Remember to use the buddy system when in the trees. 

Russian soldiers having some fun : Dusted

Sifted through the trees on a snowmobile: Avalanche below tree line

Update on avalanche near Haines Ak: Haines

Click here for the updated Avalanche Advisory: Avalanche Advisory

Observations from the North: Thanks to Don Saugstad for the picture and observations.

On the 12th we dug a pit at 11am at 1930m on a line called "cheque's in the mail" - NW aspect, around 30deg. Snowing and blowing - (at 2000m approx 80kph SW) The prominent layers we found were at 40cm (CT15 rp), 85cm (CT21 rp), and 95cm (CT28). Height of profile-110cm, HS-360cm. We picked a conservative line down in amongst the big timber and trim line.
The 13th was spent skiing deep snow in the trees between 1400-1700m level. No activity heard or seen while out there, other than some storm sloughing.

Cheers, Don