22 Mar 2012

Where too go next!! Beautiful British Columbia

It was nice to get the spring sunshine yesterday. Certainly is strong when it breaks out of the clouds. Which quickly became convective clouds.  At 2280 meters as of 06:00 the temperature was - 14, winds were 5-10 KPH from the South. At 1550 meters the temperature was -11, 89 % relative humidity and the barometer is still rising. In the valley it is -8. 1 cm was recorded at pig alley a trace at cat skinner.

Rumours of a 25 year old female falling off a cornice yesterday afternoon in the Piccolo area, she had to go to the clinic for attention. Hope to have more details later today. The cornices are very fragile, use caution and stay well back from them.

There has been 20 cm of settlement in the HS in the past few days.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory : Avalanche Advisory

Machine accidental but speed was his friend: Resting Slab

Snowmobile cuts out slab and is very lucky: Not fast enough

Another 2 avalanche related fatalities: Nelson B.C.

More information on Nelson incident: Nelson

This avalanche was estimated as a 3.5, 2 meter crown remotely skier triggered from 200 meters away.

A much different perspective, but still Beautiful British Columbia!!

Tony Sittlinger photo below skiing Surfs Up yesterday, looks like nice snow.