13 Mar 2012

Yet another low with a big impact. Not only from the amount of snow but more importantly how many parts of the Province felt the winds.  Thanks for the shot Nicole.

Max Gust at 2280 Meters 157 KPH at 07:30 155 Deg, SSE
Max Gust at 1860 Meters 80 KPH at 08:30 169 Deg, SE
Max Gust at 2000 Meters 150 KPH at 10:15 105 Deg, ES
Max Gust at 1835 Meters 88 KPH at 07:00 119 Deg, SEE
Taken on March 12, 1012

If the instruments are accurate it is obvious that there is much variability. Which also means that the wind is blowing the snow in many directions. We all know that the mountains shift the wind around but it would be better information if directions were more accurate.

Another topic related to this is how well are we documenting the wind in association to wind transport??

Boxing the compass is a term from the sea, but perhaps as mountain folk we should embrace its accuracy.

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If your still interested click here: Historical Boxing

Enough of that, Catskinner weather plot received 33 Cm of snow in 12 hours yesterday.

At 2280 meters the temperature as of 06:00 was -14, winds were 30-40 KPH from the south. At 1550 meters the temperature was -10, 95 % humidity and the barometer is on the rise. At cat skinner there was 20 cm of new and at pig alley there was 20. More snow on the way!!! At cat skinner there was 44 cm in 24 hours and 80 cm on the storm board. Some good settlement going on. In the valley it was -2.

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Another avalanche fatality near Revelstoke on a similar layer to Grizzly Lake,
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Have to throw in one picture, big winds change things!!