2 Apr 2012

Amazing tree skiing yesterday, even the kids were happy with the foolish amounts of snow.

At 2280 meters the temperature was -8 as of 06:00 hrs. Winds were 45-65 KPH from the S. At 1550 meters the temperature was -5, 99 % relative humidity, the barometer is dropping. At cat skinner weather plot 1 cm of new snow was recorded, at 1650 meters on Whistler 1 cm of new snow was recorded as of 05:30.  In the valley it is -0. Mother nature certainly had a different outlook than the forecast from yesterday!!!  The storm is still on its way with less snowfall than expected but the winds will certainly pick up as the storm moves in.

For the updated avalanche advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Winter has returned but when the sun does come out it is very strong, same strength as it would have in September. Cornices are still an issue as all this new snow helps them grow, several stories in the past week about cornice encounters, be aware. Here is a clip of a cornice failing on Whistler Mountain last week: Piccolo

Avalanche control in Switzerland, they have some cool toys: Rocket Launcher

Switzerland has some amazing terrain, Andermatt is one location where they are spending as much money as the Jumbo developers to create a resort like WhistlerBlackcomb, here is a great clip of some free ride skiing in that area: Good Footage

Not much information but there was an Avalanche at Panorama resort yesterday: Panorama

Using kids addition 391 cm of snow fell at 1550 meters at the Catskinner plot March 2012

The popcorn at the alpine shop was especially good!! Good incentive for child labour.