25 Apr 2012

Cornice control in the past few days, no deep releases.

At 2280 meters the temperature is -2 as of 06:00 hrs, winds were 35-55 KPH from the SSE.
At 1550 meters the temperature is 0, 100 % relative humidity and the barometer is steady.
In the valley it is +5. Will have new snow measurement at 08:00. 10-15 cm in the alpine.

The Alpine has been closed for the past 2 days. Fresh snow in the alpine may change things.

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Skier safety act: Wisconsin USA

Simulating isothermal aging of snow: Snow Research

At 1800 meters 20 cm of water saturated grains at the surface. April 24, 2012

From 230 cm down to 170 cm the snow temperature  was 0, from 170 down to 135 it was -.4 did not dig deeper but this was at 1800 meters SW aspect at tree line. 2 crusts are evident in the picture but most of the water from the day before percolated through the crusts.