11 Apr 2012

East facing on Cloudburst, Avalanches from last week.

At 2280 meters as of 06:00 hrs the temperature was -1, winds were 10-20 KPH from the ESE. At 1550 meters the temperature was +1, 82 % relative humidity and the barometer is on a slight decline. In the valley it is +2.

The forecast keeps calling for rain and even though it appears that way during the day we have been dry.

For the update Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

The mountains have many hazards, going for a nasty slide: Grab the rope

Some different locations with skiing and avalanches: Good Footage

More snowmobile avalanche footage: Buried

Quick clip of skier initiating a slab: 30 Seconds 

The warming temperatures are releasing pillows of snow on steep, unsupported terrain, and tree bombs have also been falling. Report of a wet size 2 slide onto singing pass trail yesterday.