8 Apr 2012

Overview of slide North of Mt Fee from yesterdays post. Avalanche occurred April 6, 2012.

At 2280 meters the temperature is - 7, winds were 25-45 KPH from the E as of 06:00. At 1550 meters the temperature is -5, 73 % relative humidity and the barometer is declining slightly. In the valley it is -1.

Surface Hoar from April 7, 2012, developing in protected areas.

For the updated Avalanche Advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

What it would be like being hit by a small avalanche from behind: Dry And Fast

Nothing like being dug out quickly: Short Clip

135 Missing after avalanche in the Pakistan\India Border: There is a lot of snow

Another report with some history of the area: Siachen Glacier

Some information on the ACMG blog: Spearhead

More avalanche news from Europe: Austria

Some photos from Braden Douglas from Decker Yesterday:

Huge Cornice
Natural on Decker- ran shortly after storm sz 2.5
-Decker shoulder- ran during storm all the way down to decker meadows sz 3
-SW side unsupported rocks- recent

Very Large Cornice

Storm slide off Decker form last week

Old Fracture Line

Recent Slab Avalanche in the Rocks

Some news from the Duffy :
NW, NE, N slopes skiing well to about 1600m.  Corn on true S slopes starting around 2-3pm or so.

Some natural releases on E slopes - probably solar : From Lee Lau

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