1 Apr 2012

Sasquatch seen carrying injured ski tourer on Rainbow Mountain.

At 2280 meters the temperature was - 8, winds were 20-30 KPH from the SSE as of 06:00. At 1550 meters the temperature was - 5, 97% relative humidity, and the barometer was on the rise. At that elevation 13 cm fell over night and 11 cm fell at Pig alley. In the valley it is 0.

March was amazing, just over 5 m of total snow for the month, depending where you are in the corridor. Now that April is here it does not want to quit, further  possible accumulations of around 75 cm by Tuesday Morning.

Yesterday in the corridor numerous size 1-2.5 avalanches occurred, bigger occurrences were in the Duffy area.

For the updated avalanche advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

Wet snow slide at Bridger: Bridger Bowl

Guess this guy was ok, how many of these do we not hear about: Whistler Backcountry

Big Back Flip

Summary from Steep Creek

  • Valentine days surface hoar pwl is still active.
  • Can be triggered off shallow rocky start zones
  • To illustrate variability;  in ridge on the background, on slopes of similar N aspect with similar slope angles, cornice drops resulted in nil results.
Trigger stood in a convenient location to capture the skier about to drop into mini-Heartstrings. As he made the last step down to the shooting platform, the entire slope depicted failed to ground, carrying trees and stripping boulders and washing them downslope. The shooting cracks show that the failure initiated on Trigger's last step. The marks at picture top are where the skier crawled on his belly while thinking light thoughts and grovelled back to the "safe zone" where Trigger is standing.

The rocks in the near foreground used to be covered in snow but are obviously now uncovered. They are a classic shallow rocky start zone. None of us were terribly interested in a closer look at the aftermath but our suspicions are failure on the V-Day layer

Slope is N facing slope about 38 - 40 deg steep at 2100 m at location in Central Duffey.   
We found that the slide had zippered down from Trigger's shooting platform, had grown in size and further ripped to ground downslope entraining our skintrack and depositing rather large blocks of snow, uprooted trees and various size boulders on what was once perfectly good powder. It looks like this sympathetic release had crown sizes of between 1.5 to 2m. It too failed on the V-day layer (decomposing surface hoar of approx 1mm grains)

Taken from across the valley looking SE towards the slope in question

Other observations from the Rutherford Area
Thanks Erik
Yesterdays action Wayne
> Crowns down 20-60 cm, 50-200m wide, 50-200m long, east to west including north aspect start zones. Most start zones had a crust and some stiffness in the snow on that crust, suspect had small surface hoar on cr. To make it such a widespread weakness. Start zones were convex rolls at least 40 degrees. Na, sz 2-2.5 in Rutherford