3 Apr 2012

Traverse into Disease Ridge popped out slide Sunday.

You can see the first traverse into the chute where we backed off and
decided to go in higher and ski cut. The fracture line sort of lines up with
the lower traverse line, so it appears that that was where the fracture
occurred, but it wasn't. It was a good a wakeup call for us to see the snow
slide well beyond the flats and continue to travel uphill onto the moraine
at the bottom. 

At 2280 meters as of 06:00 hrs the temperature is -5, winds are 75-100 KPH from the SSE.  At 1550 meters the temperature is - 2, 99 % relative humidity, and the barometer is dropping.  At that elevation 23 cm of snow fell over night. At Pig Alley 40 cm was recorded. In the valley it is

 Size 1-1.5 SSL were reported yesterday where people could get to.  

Yesterday afternoon a gust of 125 KPH was recorded at the Horstman Hut at 15:30. Over night the Max gust was recorded at 117 KPH at 02:30.

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