30 Apr 2012

Wet climax slide out of Lakeside traverse a few years ago, hence avalanche closures.

12 People lost their passes last week for one year by not paying attention to the signs. Lakeside is a location where wet climax slides are frequent over the years, and the closure is up for a reason. Its not worth the risk of getting caught in an avalanche or loosing your pass. There are many closures on both mountains, this sign is important, stop and read them. Get to know where they are!!

At 2280 meters the temperature was -3 as of 06:00, winds were 20-35 KPH from the ESE.
At 1550 meters the temperature was -1, 100 % relative humidity and the barometer is dropping.
In the valley it is +5. Snow amounts at 08:00. 3 cm fell at 1550 meters

For the updated avalanche advisory click here: Avalanche Advisory

A recent avalanche on Everest: Sherpa Injured

As temperatures close to the freezing point of water, or during times of moderate solar radiation, a gentle freeze-thaw cycle will take place. The melting and refreezing of water in the snow strengthens the snow pack during the freezing phase and weakens it during the thawing phase. A rapid rise in temperature, to a point significantly above the freezing point of water, may cause a slope to avalanche, especially in the spring.