18 May 2012

The past few days have seen large convective clouds in the area. Still great spring skiing!

At 2280 meters the temperature was -5.5, and winds were 10-20 KPH from the ESE as of 06:00 hrs.
At 1550 meters the temperature was -2, 69% relative humidity and the barometer is on the rise.
In the valley it is +1.

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Avalanches in Scotland: Cairngorms

Some avalanche Activity on the Hurley:

Hello All,

Just wanted to send out a Heads Up! Yesterday around noon a Size 3 - 3.5 avalanche crossed the Hurely FSR between Km 11-12. It came down from the east side of Green Mountain in an avalanche path that was a regular offender. The road had been cleared through previous avalanches in the same slide paths within the last couple of weeks.

What is special about this slide is that the slope is SE facing and has seen high temperatures for the last week, but didn't slide until yesterday. The difference yesterday was that the area received a little bit of rain from convective clouds. The gauge at Green Mountain only recorded one or two mm of precipitation, but local reports say there was more in isolated areas.

With the forecast for 10-20mm of precipitation this coming weekend take care out there. There is still enough snow to slide to valley bottom and block the road behind you. The slide on the Hurley was reported about 6 meters deep.

Conny Amelunxen

From Braden Douglas, a picture of the road under path 51 on the Duffy Lake Road. Recent activity!