3 Jun 2012

Avalanche safety issues discussed in this post. 

One week and the white ribbon was no where to be seen!

From Charcoal Frost Ltd. an app for $9.99: SnoWhere

Not sure where all these ideas are coming from, I  posted on May 25 Th and May 26 Th articles on the SnowBe, which had an article written about it in the May 31, 2012 edition of the Pique. Another bad idea!!

Until the I phone can be used as a device to transmit and receive sound waves which can penetrate the snow and give a persons buried position accuratley we should all stick with the devices which can save our lives. The technology is a long way from where it has to be to make such a device. It probably will happen in our lifetime but not reality yet!

Comments on the SnoWhere App from Jonathan Shefftz's blog: Avyupdates

From Switzerland, Avalanche accidents from 1977-2006: Trends

There are not many snowmobiles in Switzerland.