5 Jun 2012

Barely see the Tantalus Range yesterday!!

Siachen Glacier update: Majors Body Recovered

From Montana: Going to the sun road

Air bag reviews: From Biglines

From the International Snowmobile Manufactures Association: Avalanche Safety

From one of the regular readers of the blog:

Debris field
The chopper comes alone from grey skies above
Rays of the sun have us thinking “a dove”
Our ears are attuned to nothing but silence,
Sound is all gone from the noise of the violence
The Mountain stands vacant from the souls who first came
The sudden attack for which nature takes claim

A strewn lays the rubble which covers all tracks
Except for the remnants of somebody’s pack
Shoulder to shoulder a line now appears
Probing the depths for those who are here
No sounds come from friends who are buried below
Only our shadows that came for the show

Back-breaking work as the minutes toil on
Digging and praying that hope is not gone
For some to be saved and some to be lost
Is the reality that’s paid for at such a great cost
At the end of the day we take stock of what’s learned
From the lines that were skied and fatally earned.