30 Jul 2012

Update on Denali rescue after an avalanche involvement: 2 climbers injured

Ice Avalanches found on Saturn moon: Iapetus

Drone being developed for avalanche related work: From France

Winter hits hard in New Zealand: Winter Storm

Why do people take risks? : Vancouver Sun

Clarks Nutcracker, they can be brave enough to eat out of your hand!

For more information on this bird: Clarks Nutcracker

28 Jul 2012

Crevasses on Rainbow Glacier opening up.

Minimum temperature at 2260 meters was +3 this morning, maximum was +12 yesterday afternoon.

2 Mountaineer's rescued after avalanche involvement: 17,200 Feet, Denali's West Buttress

Update on avalanche in Kashmir, April 2012: 5 more bodies recovered

Avalanche on Denali caught on POV camera: June 16, 2012

Sun cupping and rain runnels. Pretty cool patterns!

Fawn on Whistler Mountain. 

27 Jul 2012

View of Blackcomb form Rainbow Glacier. Amazing that there is still snow from the features still visible in the terrain park. July 26, 2012

As of 08:00 this morning the temperature at 2260 meters was +7, max temp yesterday was +14 at that elevation.

ISSW 2013 to be in Chamonix: Cool place for a conference

More information on climate change: Ozone layer

Amazing footage of a glacier collapsing: Hit the throttle

Physics and Avalanches: From Phys.org

The last few days have produced some very large clouds.

Some information on cumulus clouds: Towering Cumulus

24 Jul 2012

The road along Lillooet Lake has drift wood on it, snow melt this year has risen water levels and kept them there for a long time. Some of the campsites in the area are flooded and mosquito infested.

Temperature at 2260 meters on July 23 went as low as +1. Today as of 07:00 hrs the temp at 2260 meters is +6.

Long term forecast from France, wish I could do this accurately? : Sun, Clouds, Snow

From Austria, Avalanche Radar: Detection of avalanches and rockslides

For the sledders out there: Summer Drag Races

From New Zealand, July 17 stiff wind slab: Cardrona Backcountry

For a little summer review, load the power point presentation Creation of a mountain snowpack: Snow Metamorphism

Wingsuit jumps banned in Chamonix: New Bylaw

A male Blue Grouse spotted on Blackcomb Mountain.

Female Blue Grouse not far from where the male was.

Last but not least, a Blue Grouse Chick.

22 Jul 2012

Picture of an avalanche taken by Tim Gossett, a pilot from Talkeetna Air in Alaska. July 7, 2012 Click link below for story.

Avalanches and earthquakes: From Alaska

Earth quake sets off avalanches in New Zealand,  2010: Mt Hutt

Heli skiing in New Zealand: Powder to be had

Avalanche update from Denali: Avalanche conditions

From the past August 2008 K2: The perils of climbing K2

From the American Alpine Institute: Dangers of Glissading

From the European Space Agency: Need a job!

The temperature at 2260 meters has dropped to +2.5 this morning. It is looking wet for a couple of days. 

20 Jul 2012

Thanks to Tanya Karateew for these photos from a recent hike up Wedge. She reported no snow on the trail and that it was in great shape.

Information from Mt Rainier: Avalanche Path last year compared to this year

Garabaldi Provincial Park Trails update: Latest Bulletin

From unofficialnetworks, Do ski patrollers live a better life than you? : Hard to pay the bills with all those skills

It is +9 at 2260 meters this morning as of 07:00 Hrs.

For a look at the present satellite picture : Looking cloudy

18 Jul 2012

A great shot of the Mont Maudit area.

Another article on the tragedy on Mont Maudit: The Telegraph

Avalanche knocks climbers down Japanese couloir: Gasherbrum 1 (K5)

Climate Change & Avalanches: NY Times

Global warming and icebergs: Greenland

17 Jul 2012

Whistler sailing regatta on Saturday, good wind and good times. These kids were not thinking about avalanches.

South African snow storms: 120 people trapped

5.5 mile Landslide on Johns Hopkins Glacier, look through the pictures, there are some avalanches caused by the landslide, the video is pretty cool also: Massive Landslide

Not much avalanche news but there is always lots of discussion on risk and uncertainty. Things we can use in every day life!

A different perspective on risk management: An Opinion

Another site, other opinions on uncertainty: Many opinions out there

The difference between risk and uncertainty: Explanation

World Congress on Mountain Medicine helicopter demonstrations at the Whistler Municipal Helipad, July 16, 2012.  Yes it was hot, the shade was your friend.  

15 Jul 2012

Johnsons Landing land slide likely caused by an avalanche blocking creek.

Johnsons Landing: Investigation Continuing

Video on Johnsons Landing. Mike Hagar reporting: Vancouver Sun

Another enormous land slide in Glacier Bay National Park: Massive Landslide

2 more climbers dead on Mont Blanc: Caught in the elements

4 more bodies recovered: Kashmir

In the alpine the temperatures have cooled off, high yesterday was +19, presently +5.

Below are a few recent  shots from Michael Gigliotti,  cornice collapse west side of Mt Birkenhead.

13 Jul 2012

Mount Maudit avalanche update:

From the Vancouver Sun: Mount Maudit

From the Telegraph: Survivors Description

At 2260 meters the temperature is +11, max temperature yesterday was +19.

The Tantalus Range, shot taken from the Pemberton Ice Cap.

Looking around at the local mountains it is easy to see how quickly the snow is melting. In the past week there has been a significant change!

12 Jul 2012

Many of the high alpine lakes are just starting to open up.

Present temperature in the alpine is +13. Another hot day on the way!

From Ortovox, risk management: 3x3 filter method

Dust storms contribute to early snow melt: Colorado

Conditions in Queenstown are not very appealing: Moderate

Mont Blanc Avalanche: Climbers Killed

The snow melt has flooded the south end of Green Lake, in one spot of the trail you could float a canoe, a truly multi purpose trail.

10 Jul 2012

Thanks to Brian Baker for this shot, slide out of NW chute on Parkhurst, taken July 6, 2012 from the Wedgemount cabin.

Looking for a graduate program in avalanche studies: University of Calgary

6 Th world congress on Mountain Medicine July 13-17 Th: Whistler

Some bad avalanche footage: Avalanche destroys Vail

Flying SOUTH, need your air bag, make sure its good with the airline: Airbags

More reading on flying airbags: Airbags

From unofficial, flying with airbags: No Go

Avalanche hits Ghandruk: Nepal

Crazy clouds mixed in with some Siberian smoke.

More information on the Siberian Fires: Smoke from Siberia

A couple of young bucks which will contribute to the ever growing deer population around Whistler.

Information on Black Tailed Deer: Wikipedia

8 Jul 2012

Slab popped out on the Ice Cap about 7 days ago.

In the past few days I am sure everyone has been wondering where the smoke is coming from. Well it appears that smoke from Asia is reaching the Pacific Northwest.

  The red area is where there are currently fires burning,  mixed in with a bit of pollution and we have hazy skies in BC.

Makes for some spectacular sunsets, this one July 7, 2012 Lillooett Lake.

Update on Gayari Avalanche Site: Kashmir

Min temperature at 2260 meters yesterday was +8, max was +17. There is a lot of melting as all the lakes and rivers are full.

6 Jul 2012

Table Top mountain in Garabaldi Provincal Park.

Recent Activity on the Ice Cap.

Temperature at 2260 as of 07:00 was +4.

From Kim Kircher's Blog, Route finding exercise: Canadian Avalanche Centre

For the kite boarders: Pier Jumping

Building Avalanche tunnels on 13 slide paths in India: 14 km tunnel

Holly Walker's attempt on Denali: Way to Go

Rangers body recovered off Rainier: After 2 weeks

3 Jul 2012

Enough of this wet weather! It looks like we are in for a change on Wednesday. The persistent trough will finally sucumb to some ridging. The European Models (ECMWF) are looking good for the next week! Hopefully summer will finally arrive!!

Temperature at 2260 meters as of 06:00 Hrs was 0.

Using radar to help understand avalanche dynamics: Cambridge University

After 5 months 2 more bodies recovered from an avalanche in Late February: Kashmir

For the ice climbers out there: Lucky to have help

According to this UK Travel site: Worlds 10 scariest ski runs

Natural Gap Jump

2 Jul 2012

July 1 and snow at tree line still, a dry day though considering the wet coast has been living up to its despised name recently!

Temperature at 2260 meters is 0 as of 08:00.

Ski Patrolling in La Grave: No Bombs Allowed!

Mountain Safety Council: New Zealand

Chamonix: Dangerous Place

From the Sierra Avalanche Centre: 2011-2012 Season

Arctic Ice Melt: What is it doing to our summers?