26 Sept 2012

Thanks to Michael Gigliotti for these shots of glacier calving south of Whistler.

That is a very significant chunk of ice missing in the picture!!

More information on the Mansalu Avalanche. It appears that there are 8 confirmed fatalities with 3 missing at this time. Below are a few links with updated information. The CBC interview with Greg Hill has some footage of the rescue efforts.

Interview with Greg Hill: CBC News

Nepal Officials calling off search: Mansalu Update

B3 helicopter, the machine of choice for mountain rescue at altitudes.

A member of the North Shore Search and Rescue is still climbing Mansalu. Click on link below to see where the expedition is at.

From Altitudejunkies: Mansalu 2012

Attended a Pieps Global Finder Iridium demonstration at the Escape Route today. Great presentation and a worth while device to investigate, especially if you are an adventurer.

For a link to their website click here: Pieps Global Finder Iridium