19 Oct 2012

A brief glimpse at Crystal Ridge, lost some snow last night, Freezing level is dropping again and the forecast is for colder temperatures to prevail for the next while. At 2260 meters this morning it was 0 as of 07:30. Still snow above that elevation.

From Recco and Teton Gravity, avalanche footage and info: Mistakes

Global news interview with Jeremy Hanke , BCA sponsored? : News Hour

From the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, The Crystal Ball, its a slow loading process but worth a look, has the paper from Penny Goddard, Cooling and Avalanches which is hard to source out: The Crystal Ball

Short video on Growing Surface Hoar: Formation of Surface Hoar

More weather predictions: Canadian Expert

Snow in the Rockies & Columbia Mountains: ACMG Blog

From last winter, snowmobiles playing under a sleeping giant.