1 Oct 2012

Thanks to Jim Sandford for these shots in the Mt Weart area September 29, 2012.

 Hope the wolverine was not looking for a hand out!

Even the Cormorant was enjoying the day.

More information on the Manaslu avalanche: Himalaya Experience

From Lee Lau, Video footage of a size 3 avalanche he was involved in, the camera was lost in the slide and found 2.5 years later. Incident April 10, 2010

"It'd been sitting around in the sun, rain and two seasons of buried snow without a protective waterproof case and it had gotten beatered in a 180m fall straight down a face and off a cliff"

Footage from camera: Vimeo

Update on the Siachen Glacier Avalanche, after 176 days: Gyari Recovery Efforts

Prince Friso briefly awakes from coma, after 7 months from being buried in an avalanche: Still Hope

From Unofficalnetworks: The 10 Deadliest Avalanche Events in History