7 Oct 2012

Wedge Mountain, that's a lot of consistent fall line!!

The rex block which has been giving us this amazing weather is forecasted to break down on Friday and bring us into a seasonal  pattern. The block should weaken on Thursday and allow a westerly flow on Friday which will allow a strong trough into our area by Sunday. Last week the temperatures at 1860 meters were in - values, as of 07:30 this morning it was +10.

For some information on blocking patterns click here: Blocking Patterns

I have posted another article on the winter forecast below, over the past month the Winter Outlook has been posted by various meteorologists. It certainly can be assumed by all accounts that El Nino will not be as significant as predicted last month. Making winter predictions too early can certainly cause anxiety for all of us involved in the ski industry. The new term out there for this winter is La Nada, the developing La Nino is not changing the sea surface temperatures to the values they need to be at. Colder and drier is the basic result of what science is predicting. Colder, brings better snow if it does precipitate and we usually have a mean average amount of precipitation over the year. With the last few months being so dry we have to be optimistic that it will snow eventually!!

Snow guns at work, Loveland Pass: Colorado taking advantage of cold temperatures

Automated Detection of Snow Avalanche Deposits: Norwegian Geothechnical Institute

Using the Daisy Bell to protect hydro lines in Alaska: Avalanche Control

Interrupted El Nino, from wunderground.com : Dr Jeff Masters

The snow is still melting on the glaciers, last year at this time it was accumulating in the upper elevations.