14 Nov 2012

As of 07:00 the temperature at 2260 meters was -5.5, in the valley it was +3. The valley weather station recorded .3 mm of precipitation yesterday. A significant low pressure system will slide down from the Gulf of Alaska this weekend bring colder temperatures and heavy snowfall to Whistler, still early to predict but the models are showing anywhere from 30-70 cm by Monday morning to mid mountain.  Great timing for the expected opening of Whistler on Saturday.

Thanks to Mountain Life for the great review on their blog: Plug for the Blog

Too understand winter storms on the BC Coast click here: Environment Canada

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Two snowboarders found after spending two days in backcountry: Rainier Rescue

Avalanche analysis for France 2011-2012: 15 Incidents

In the past few years there have been several incidents where sledders have fallen into crevasses, bergshrunds, and creek holes in the Whistler area.  For the most part many sledders are not prepared for true glacier travel, yet many are out riding without understanding the implications.

Early season conditions out there, use caution on the glaciers as there are many crevasses being bridged by thin layers of snow. Here is an article from snowriderswest.com on the topic: Terrain Recognition

That is a sled in the creek, had to long line it out with a helicopter. Photo from 2010